Jet-Kleen Personnel Blow-Off & De-Dusting System

The Jet-Kleen™High-Performance Personnel Blow-Off & De-Dusting System provides safe, economical, and effective removal of residues - including dust, fiber, water, and particulate matter - from personnel, work surfaces, and work environments at a fraction of the cost of compressed air systems

The Jet-Kleen™ offers a safer and more efficient alternative to compressed air, consuming less energy and emitting less noise. The blower-driven system delivers a high volume of air at a relatively low pressure - well below OSHA standards. The lower pressure means Jet-Kleen units can be safely aimed at virtually any part of the body (excluding the eyes and ears); even direct contact with unprotected skin poses no hazard!

Screen printers can safely speed up their screen cleaning and preparation process with the Jet-Kleen series. Compressed air is potentially lethal and high-pressure compressed air may damage screens and other screen printing accessories. The Jet-Kleen provides fast, effective, and safe drying of screens, and Jet-Kleen units have numerous other uses in screen printing workshops and production facilities.

The original Jet-Kleen is available in either portable or wall-mounted models, with a range of options and accessories.

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