Di-Versa-Print For Flat Stocks & Formed 3D Parts

The Di-Versa-Print uses new technology to print up to 14" on a wide variety of flat stock and formed 3D objects: panels, electrical chassis cabinets, boxes, decals and other industrial pieces. Safer than 2 post printers, the DI-VERSA-PRINT's production speed is up to four times faster with higher precision and stability!

User friendly setups - the standard squeegee / flood bar assembly helps control settings. Independent squeegee / flood, pressure and variable speed controls can be adjusted by simply turning a dial. Linear bearings keep the print action smooth and quiet.

The Di-Versa-Print includes solid state controls, micro-registration, sliding frame clamps for screen holders, foot pedal, squeegee flood bar, oversize print area and interchangeable tooling for reliable high resolution imaging. Truly versatile, highly productive, A.W.T.'s Di-Versa-Print will give you a competitive edge.

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