Stretch-Air Bars Screen Stretching System

The patented Stretch-Air Bar system stretches all monofilament and multifilament screen fabrics with speed and precision.

All five Stretch-Air Bar systems allow screens to be stretched right off the fabric bolt. The screen maker cuts the fabric from the bolt after is fully stretched and fastened to the frame. This eliminates unnecessary fabric waste.

The specially-angled Bars provide absolute fabric-to-frame contact. Equal counter-pressure is applied to all four sides for pre-press accuracy. The Power-Grip action pulls the fabric to the exact amount of preset, repeatable tension (as determined by using the AWT Screen Tension Meter).

Longer screens are easily stretched by using multiple bars, placed end-to-end, along the long sides of the frame. Extremely large screens stretched by using this multiple bar arrangement on all four sides.

Each Stretch-Air Bar system includes 10 feet of flexible plastic tubing, an air valve, and one quick-disconnecting fitting. Only about 30 psi of air is needed; woks with a compressor as small as 1/4 hp.

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