Super-Turbo "E" Electric Forced Air Modular Dryer

The Super Turbo™ E Series Electric Forced Air Dryer is designed with efficient textile production in mind. All plastisol and water-based textile inks are cure-dried in the Super Turbo E at speeds up to 1,200 pieces per hour depending on belt width selection; 48", 60", 72", or 84". Dryer design includes a quartz tube preheat module to instantly reach the correct curing temperature, and the preheat system height inside the chamber is easily adjusted to accommodate different garments.

The second section uses jet air-knives and high-volume hot air to fully cure the ink while removing evaporates through the exhaust system. Recirculating hoods capture up to 90% of dry airflow, reducing energy consumption and electrical expenses as well. Dye fumes are exhausted to keep textile production running smoothly and safely, and garments exit the dryer fully cured with excellent adhesion.

Double insulated chambers keep air temperature constant, making the dryer energy efficient with little heat loss. The exterior also remains cool to the touch. Temperatures for the preheat zone can be set independently of the jet air to fine tune curing parameters. If airflow becomes restricted, the heating system shuts down automatically with an audible alarm. This safety feature keeps the blowers operating, preventing scorching, belt deterioration, and blower burnout.

The unit's high-efficiency filter system has easy access for cleaning or maintenance, as do the rest of the dryer's main internal parts. The Super Turbo E's modular construction simplifies expansion for additional heating or conveyor sections.

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