Drying Racks or Storage: Rack-It Series

Specialty Models
For shop, office, home or studio, these sturdy specialty racks are ideal for drying or storing prints, paintings, metal name plates or other flat substrates. All-steel units offer powder coated shelf finish to resist rust and solvents. These include the DR-18-30, DR-18-50, DR-18-30WD wall mount unit, and DR-18-100 caster mounted unit.

Our newest model, the Versa-Rack™, is our lightest and most versatile rack yet, suitable for table or floor placement, vertically or horizontally.

All these models ship UPS.

Mid Range Rack Models
Ideal for commercial shops, schools, studios and institutional use, the lightweight Port-O-Rack model DR-24-40A features a new frame design for faster assembly. Lightweight, easy fitting shelves snap quickly into the all-steel frame. Rubber bumpers assure proper shelf spacing.

Heavy Duty
A.W.T. Rack-It heavy Duty drying racks represent the common sense application of long time industry knowledge. We use steel bumpers because they outlast rubber, and we weld them to the outside of the shelf so you have more drying room. Each shelf spring is individually adjustable so you can control up/down operation. The powder coated shelf finish is rust and solvent resistant for a long service life. The non-warping shelves are spaced at 1" intervals (2" available) to maximize solvent evaporation. For baking applications, heat resistant models are available.

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