Manual tabletop presses

Vacuum tops & register

Uses household vacuum

Combo expose/print

Heavy duty hinge sets

CD & DVD Printers

Prototyping press

3D object printing

Lab and testing press

Tough construction

Innovative designs

Accurate printing

Efficient and affordable


Instruction Book - Screenprinting Today (the Basics by Andy MacDougall)
Basic Manual Vacuum Table - Register adjust, counterbalance, vacuum plug in, stores away, table top sets up, 'jiffy' hinges
Precision Lab Press - All metal, micro register vacuum top w/plug in, height and off contact adjustment, base accepts jigs
Micro Hinge Set - Deluxe set of x-y and height adjustable hinges, bolts to table or back bar, small or large screen
Kick Leg - Replaces counterbalance on small screens
Combo Expose/Print - Freestanding fluorescent exposing unit converts to print table with hinges & vacuum top





The TMI Rabbit line of small presses and printing accessories provide the growing shop, school, studio, or test lab a range of affordable options:

Small Vacuum tables with built-in counterweights and register adjustment - Ready to print on a table top in minutes. Stores away in a closet. Professional results, easy set-up. Height adjustable for 3D objects.

Combo Exposing Unit and Vacuum Table - Innovative set-up with exposing frame for making screens and removable vacuum table printing top. Includes hinges and kickleg. Perfect in small spaces. Optional washout booth.

Micro Register Hinges - A robust and heavy duty hinge set with x-y, diagonal, and height adjustment. Easily mounts to any table surface. Hinges can be adapted to small screens or large frames.

Precision CD and small object printer - Upgraded CD model. Unit is equipped with a flat vacuum bed with micro register, print area 9" x 12". Vacuum shutoff. Custom machined jig attachment converts to a CD printer.


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