Welded steel frames

Long lasting flexi rubber

Venturi or vacuum pump

With or without glass

Bench or floor models

Midsize wall mount

Midsize with wheels

Solar capable model

Jumbo format

Combo w/print top

Simple precise operation

Economical exposing solutions

Eagle PAPI Vacuum Frame

Eagle Fluorescent Vacuum Table

Eagle SOLAR 360

Exposing and Print Table Combo

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Eagle HEAVY DUTY with fluorescent tubes

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Eagle HEAVY DUTY with venturi valve (compressed air)

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TMI Eagle exposing systems and vacuum frames offer a range of sizes to fill the needs of screenprinters. From ultra-large format walk-in vacuum frames down to bench top t-shirts size fluorescent units, all our exposing systems feature solid welded steel frame construction, easy to operate controls, and great pricing for the growing screen shop.

Smaller compact all-in-one floor or bench mount units feature simple operation with integrated vacuum blanket, timer and lamp. Self contained halogen bulb or fluorescent tube units are perfect for the budget minded print shop, classroom, or art studio.

TMI also produces a line of larger format vacuum frames to fit the screens used on our Jaguar line of presses. For midsize frames, we have wall mount or rolling floor models to fit tight space requirements. We offer a customized version of our floor model that works for solar exposing as well as conventional lamp exposures.

In the jumbo format range, TMI provides walk-in style units designed for ease of frame handling and accurately exposing large format screens. This style of vacuum frame can be customized to fit almost any size. If you need it, our engineers and fabricators can build it.