ion360F Ionizing Rods
Trademark of Alpha Innovation, Inc.

ion360 Ionizing Rods



Ion360F rods provide a full 360-degree field of static elimination - making all sides of the rod effective. Lightweight and flexible, ion360F rods can fit under harged sheets and webs as they travel through a machine or onto a stack. Ion360F rods are available in standard and cut lenghts, as well as 36 foot (11 meter) reels. Cut rods up to 24in. include a munting magnet at one end for single-side mounting. Longer rods iclude a mounting lug at each end.

Rods must be connected to ground (bare metal of the machine). Mount ion360 rods about 3/4 in. from surface to be neutralized, preferably under the material. Move rods closer or further away fom the surface to achieve optimum results.

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