Fabric-to-Frame Adhesive

Standard Features:

  • Fast Drying – bonds fabric to frame in minutes
  • Shelf life of mixed Liquid-Seal can be extended to approximately two weeks with Solvent TH-660
  • Water and solvent resistant
  • Flexible and strong
  • Catalyst in included

Liquid-Seal is a flexible and strong adhesive product with multiple applications in your screen-making department. Adheres fabric to frames, seals wood frames blockout screens and eliminates ink seepage. It’s not affected by screen printing solvents and can be used in dip tank applications. Liquid- Seal works on wood, aluminum, steel, plastic or any other type of frame.


  • Fabric to frame adhesive. Bonds all fabrics to any wood, metal or plastic frame in minutes. Stretch four to five layers of mesh on your frame before stripping mesh off the frame. Easy to remove with A.W.T.’s Solvent TH-660. Simply pull fabric off the frame.
  • Screen Sealer. Extend the life of your wood frame. Brush or dip the frame and completely cover the wood with Liquid Seal. This waterproofs the wood and eliminates warping.
  • Permanent Blockout. Spread on mesh with a spatula or scraper.
  • Eliminate Ink Seepage. Apply a bead of adhesive inside e the frame, along the mesh, eliminating seepage.
  • Heat Sealable Laminating Adhesive. Liquid Seal can be heat sealed and used as a laminating adhesive for most plastics.