Model 973 Pulsed DC Bar

Meech AC Static Eliminator



Longer range static neutralization for electronics and clean roods, as well as some industrial applications such as screen-printing and blow molding. Particularly effective in situations where long distance neutralization is required without the use of an airflow.

Operating Voltage Dependent on Controller selected
Operating Current Less than 50 microamps

Operating Polarity

Dedicated Positive and Negative Emitters
Max Temperature 180 degrees F
Emitters Replaceable Tungsten Wire Pins


  • Air Boost
  • Cable Extensions


Most static eliminators use an AC high voltage source to produce a compact, powerful ionized corona that is balanced between positive and negative ions. With Pulsed DC, the ions produced by the Controller can be varied depending on the polarity of the static charge. Both the frequency and polarity of the high voltage supply can be adjusted to produce longer range and faster neutralization.

A slow pulse rate produces a long range, wide area coverage. A faster pulse creates a more compact coverage that can manage higher charges and faster speeds.

By varying the polarity, the Controller can balance the intensity of the positive and negative ions. If the static charge is negative, for example, the Controller can be adjusted to emit more positive ions to give faster neutralization.

The bar is comprised of an equal number of alternating positive and negative tungsten wire emitters housed in a rigid PVC extrusion. The emitters are resistively coupled and are therefore shockless when properly maintained.

  • Long Range Ionization (up to 5 1/2" w/o air)
  • Variable Pulse Rate
  • Adjustable Polarity Settings
  • Replaceable Ionizing Emitters