Universal Belt Squeegee Sharpener


Standard Features:

  • Easy to set-up and use
  • For any urethane or rubber blade up to 148"
  • Long-life carbide continuous sharpening belts
  • Wide range of belt grits for coarse and fine sharpening requirements
  • Easy to change belts


Sharpen any squeegee blade uniformly and accurately without nicks. Designed for urethane, rubber and other standard squeegee blade formulas, The Edge is easy to set-up and operates, with a wide range of belt grits available. Pre-set belt speeds prevent blade damage.

This exclusive squeegee holder option enhances sharpening uniformity by locking the blade into place during operation and is compatible with wood, metal or machine squeegee holders. Optional support bar feature allows bevel sharpening at 45-degree angles.