Direct Contact Vacuum Frame Exposure Units



Pro-Light 2 direct contact
Pro-Light™ 2 Metal Halide Sources - High speed, high-resolution UV lights with exceptional intensity range energy saving standby feature. No maintenance Rotary shutters and computer designed reflectors. High output with low energy consumption, and power exhaust plus servo cooling for longer lamp life. Units come complete with integrator.

Pro-Light 2 Vacuum Frame Exposure
Pro-Light™ 2 Vacuum Frame Exposure Units are extra heavy-duty and built for years of reliable screen production.

Any number or type of screen frames can be used, from wood and aluminum to self-tensioning. The Pro-Light 2 can easily be locked in a 90° position for front exposing systems, a 180° face-up position for overhead lighting systems, or face down if lighted from below.

Top-quality “live” rubber blanket maintains consistent contact between the mesh, positive and glass. Super counterbalance tension system allows for easy positioning. Screens are ready to expose in minutes. The Pro-Light 2 comes complete with heavy-duty casters for easy movement.