Now with specialized, self-contained Light Sources & Quiet Vacuum Systems



Pro-Light 1 Table & Floor models
Pro-Light 1 series of screen exposing units with focused fluorescent or black light UV lights are equipped with a full vacuum frame. These economical systems use banks of focused fluorescent tubes to create an efficient and evenly distributed light profile. Featuring a 15-minute timer with automatic shutoff, Pro-Light 1 is easy to use for both beginners and pros. Non-porous flexible blanket, quiet vacuum motor and photo-clear glass combine to produce accurate copy transmittal and minimize undercutting.

Pro-Light 1 High output
High output UV spectrum light source with 60 watts per lamp provides significantly faster exposure time than that of black lights. These units are excellent for 4-color process, long runs and any extreme detail reproduction requirements. Quicker exposure time (normally under 60 seconds depending on direct emulsion or capillary film).UV Spectrum lamps prevent undercutting during most applications. The Pro-Light 1 is complete with internal safety lights for viewing and setup. Digital timer is included.