Modular Forced Air Gas Dryer

Standard Features:

  • Heating chamber utilizes a preheat system with "bump" high energy quartz tubes. Large volumes of air, jet air knives and a high efficiency gas train provide the most efficient curing of evaporative inks and coatings.
  • Solid state independent temperature controls to up to 350 degrees F. Higher temperatures available.
  • Air flow system removes solvents or water while creating a negative air force to hold stock down on the conveyor.
  • Fresh air is delivered to the chamber in a steady, adjustable volume with up to 90% recycling. Adjustable direct fired burner combines gas and air to correct ratio for optimum flame. there is a separate source of air for combustion. Stock is held in place on the variable speed Fiberlon conveyor belt. No fluttering. Re circulating hoods on front and rear of dryer keep shop environment clean.
  • Printed material is stabilized by the introduction of ambient air in the chamber.
  • Easy to access and service.
  • State-of-the-art safety system including restricted air flow alarm in case of clogged filters, super safe gas train system to ensure safe operation of gas, etc.
  • Clean up easily with permanent stainless steel air filters.
  • Adjustable inlet to drying chamber for different thicker substrates and for heat retention. Even heat distribution.
  • Digital speed belt readout.
  • Double wall construction to keep heat in and outside surface cool to the touch.
  • Modular expandable design.
  • Meets and exceeds US and international safety requirements.
  • Ambient temperature cooling chamber.


All kinds of evaporative inks and coatings are quickly and efficiently cure-dried at proper temperatures in Jet Stream modular gas dryer. This drying system is ideal for handling a variety of substrates such as vinyl, plastic, paper, banners, glass, digital imaging and membrane switches. The Jet Stream can also cure water based textile inks.

This dryer is engineered with a chamber that utilizes large volume air knives to create jet streams. These streams of air permeate screen-printed images for fast drying ability. As solvent is released from the print it can be exhausted or re-circulated with a simple adjustment.

This unique system keeps hot air in the dryer. This reduces energy costs and unwanted fumes. Re-circulating hoods force all solvents into the exhaust system for safe shop environment.

The air flow/hold-down system helps hold substrates in place on the conveyor as it moves. The high velocity exhaust blowers create negative pressure. Negative pressure prevents problems due to sheet fluttering even when the stock is very thin and lightweight.

The Jet Stream dryer can be expanded at any time by adding heating, cooling or conveyor sections as production demands increase. The filter system, gas train assembly and the internal system are easily accessible for maintenance and service. A cooling system with high velocity ambient temperature air velocity cools down substrates so they can be stacked and handled right off the conveyor.

With preheat "bump" high energy quartz tubes instantly elevate temperatures to start the drying process quicker and enable drying at even higher rates.