Options & Accessories

Please Contact A.W.T. (773-777-7100) for additonal information

Inline Sheet Cleaners

  • Contact rollers for film.
  • Crush rollers for offset powder.

Cardboard Attachments

  • Cardboard feed wheels.
  • Cardboard Temporary stop system.
  • Cardboard delivery system.

Static Eliminators Installed

  • Installed on feeders for better sheet separation.
  • Installed on stackers for better piles.

Choice of Squeegee

  • Air squeegee adjusts itself by air pressure. Easy to use, simple to clean.
  • H.D. mechanical squeegee for ultimate control.
  • S. Type Mechanical squeegee interchangeable with air squeegee.
Pin Registration Systems
Sheet fluff system installed in the feedboard to reduce sheet scratches, and static build up.
Pneumatic Screen Clamps
Double Sheet Detectors