UV Curing unit for containers up to 5 gallons
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The Accu-Cure 3-D II UV Curing Unit provides a 360 degree cure around any product up to 5-gallons in size. the Accu-Cure 3-D II UV dryer requires only 30 square feet of floor space and cures approximately 15 containers per minute.

This unique system has six rotating platforms to carry each container through the ultraviolet curing process. An indexing system carries each of these platforms. Containers smoothly move through the Accu-Cure 3-D II's curing chamber, spinning as they are exposed to the UV energy source for an immediate complete cure, 360 degrees around the part.

The indexer and rotating platforms have full, independent speed controls. The UV unit has three variable output settings of 100, 200 and 300 watts per inch.

The unit is fully self enclosed to eliminate any possibility of UV light leakage. Additionally, a sensor cuts off the UV source to prevent accidental injury. the efficient exhaust system removes ozone and heat.