AM 180


The AM-180 is a compact, easy-to-use, and universal screen printer for three-dimensional objects. It utilizes a full assortment of tooling and standard attachments to screen-print many different types of objects: cylindrical (bottles and pails), elliptical (one or both sides), conical, tubular items, spheres, and flat surfaces. Virtually any geometric shape that lends itself to screen-printing.

Synchronizing the rotation of the object with the movement of the screen and the squeegee results in a sharp image with exact registration. Sharp stroke cutoff keeps the squeegee from coasting into the next print cycle.

Carriage locking mechanism and close tolerance liner bearings ensure accurate sharp printing results, from the first to the last print stroke. In most applications the part remains stationary while the screen lifts straight up, without disturbing the printed object. This results in faster and more accurate in-feed and positioning.